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  • Olivia Luchini


Stolen from the chain-linked pound

Used to paw pads on cold, hard ground

You brought me somewhere warm and light

And with your heat I slept through the night

Learned quickly that you had not come to save

What you’d adopted was just a thing to deprave

Trained me into an emotional support animal

Diminish my traumas, shrink them down small

I am fully yours, not the vice versa

Your life the one feeling the inertia

So I offer you patience and quiet in which you seep

I don’t yap or bark or bite or scratch or howl

I sit up all night to make sure it’s you who gets to sleep

But there’s a need within my stomach that starts to growl

Ultimately, I was your hound

You elected to put me down

When I asked for water and food

You weren’t in a giving mood

So euthanasia was a simpler solution

I beg forgiveness for my own pollution

Clouded your weekend skies with my comfort and care

Now all you have is my dead eyes in an eternal stare

The doctor won’t close them and it doesn’t bother you

I was never alive, just a comfort object now gone blue


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