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  • Olivia Luchini


I think I might have been cast

As an unknowing understudy

Under your direction and pinned

Under the weight of your woes

The main actress has vanished

The show has been running

For hundreds of performances

And she knows what to do

The cues are designed for

Her footsteps and her voice

The dresses have been fitted

To her mannequin form

And she knows how to soak

In the hot spotlights like California

Sunshine, sunlight, sun

I thought this was just a reading

But now I am in costume and

The stagehand is mic'ing me up

And odd hands are feverish all over

My goosebumped legs and

Sweat-pearled face

You’re handing me her


“Please be this…we need

You to be this.”

But I am not

And I cannot

So I take to the stage

And hope I break a leg


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